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Chiropractic Elk Grove
Chiropractor Elk Grove, South Sacramento, Galt & Laguna (916) 685-1230
9792 Bruceville Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95757

Chiropractic Elk Grove

My new best friend!

I had extreme pain in my left hand & wrist including numbness, cramping, & tingling. I also have had very bad menstrual cramps for the past 10 years. I had trouble sleeping every night because of being awaken by pain in my left hand. I also had a hard time every month because of bad cramps, where I would be unable to do anything for a least 2 days. For the pain of both my left hand and the monthly cramps I used Motrin 800mg along with a m ... Read more

Dr Hansen office is the best!!

The reason I began chiropractic care was because I was having lower back and neck pain for two to three years. When the pain was at its worst it had a huge impact of my life. It was very difficult for me to bend over and pull things. I was constantly experiencing discomfort. Before going into Dr. Hansen’s office I wasn’t very familiar with chiropractic care. Dr. Hansen is the only chiropractor I have ever seen and he has educated me m ... Read more

Neck and Shoulder pain

Dear Dr. Hansen: I wanted to thank you for you excellent service. In April of 2006 I incurred excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders for no apparent reason. I had never been to a chiropractor before. After trying all of the home remedies I could think of, I knew I needed help. My husband suggested that I try your services. I called your office and was surprised to find out that I could see you the very next day. When I came in for my visit, y ... Read more

Well Being

Dr. Hansen, My husband and I have been your patients for over 5 years now. We have benefited from your Chiropractic service on many levels, a good healthy and aligned body at the top of the list. When you started Bio Cranial treatments we were very excited about being on the cutting edge of the latest in Natural Healing. We never expected to get such immediate results. My personal favorite is the euphoric energy immediately following the adjustme ... Read more

Low Back Pain

I saw Dr. Hansen for a chronic low back pain in my number 4 area. Now going into the appointment with Dr. Hansen for the 1st visit, I did not have high expectations for any substantial relief. I had undergone treatment over the previous three months with only temporary improvement from two different therapists, including one from a renown local chiropractor. Boy was I ever surprised. Dr. Hansen with his Bio-Cranial System Technique not only gave ... Read more

Dr. Hansen changed my life!!!!

I Just wanted to let everyone know, especially pregnant women and new moms how incredible and awesome biocranial worked for me. I just have given birth to my fourth child and after delivery I noticed it was hard for me to walk. I just brushed it off thinking it would go away in a few hours since I had just given birth to my biggest child. When my doctor came to check on me I mentioned to him that I couldnt walk, he told me take 800 mg of motrin a ... Read more

My pain is gone!!

I am writing to testify that Chiropractic Treatment with Dr. Steven Hansen has helped me tremendously . After three surgeries for TMJ I was in continual pain. I was taking prescription medication and going to physical therapy, but nothing seemed to help. I suffered for five years with headaches, earaches, jaw, shoulder, back and neck pain. Many times I had to eat soft foods or liquefy them in order to not inflict any more pain. Dr. Hansen's treat ... Read more

TMJ and Chiropractic

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the treatment you have provided me over the past two months. As you may remember, I came to see you based on a referral from my dentist Dr. Tinney. I was having TMJ related jaw issues and suprisingly Dr. Tinney suggested I contact you for help. I was somewhat skeptical that a chiropractor could help me with a jaw problem, but I decided I had nothing to lose. To my complete suprise and satisfacti ... Read more

Not living in Pain anymore!

Before coming to Dr. Hansen I suffered from back pain since I was 10. I've gone to a chiropractor since I was 16. Most recently I suffered from persistent/intense headaches and pain & numbness in my right arm. Just prior to starting with Dr. Hansen in September, I had debilitating pain and headaches, My husband also had persisent back pain with loss of mobility, headaches, he hadnt been to a chiropractor in over 8 years. Now when I get stress ... Read more

M.S. and Chiropractic

I have multiple sclerosis.  I suffered from high blood pressure, extreme fatigue, difficulty walking, and poor balance. I was always falling into something. As if that wasn’t enough I also suffered from back pain frequently. As a result of Dr. Hansen's adjustments, I am off all my blood pressure medications. I was taking one in the morning and one at night. My fatigue is much less, my balance is better, I can walk! My back pain has les ... Read more

Chiropractic and Autism

March 19, 2008 I would like to share my heartfelt testimony regarding Dr. Hansen and my autistic son, Derek. When Derek was two years old, I had just begun adjustments with Dr. Hansen after a car accident. I brought Derek with me to each appointment and every visit, Derek would crawl underneath the adjustment table and hide. He was very fearful because he had been through a lot with doctors. Dr. Hansen recognized that something wasn’t right ... Read more

Asthma and C.O.P.D.

I Suffered from Asthma related breathing problems and upper respiratory bronchitis (C.O.P.D) ever since moving to California 3 years ago. After less than a month of adjustments with Dr. Hansen my air volume (tested with a peak air-flow meter) has improved greatly and ongoing shortness of breath has almost completely diminished ... Read more