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Chiropractic Elk Grove
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Chiropractic Elk Grove

Dr. Hansen changed my life!!!!

Written by: Kim
Zip Code: 95624
Date: 2008-03-25 14:16:13
City: Elk Grove
Job: Mother
Reason: Pregnancy

I Just wanted to let everyone know, especially pregnant women and new moms how incredible and awesome biocranial worked for me. I just have given birth to my fourth child and after delivery I noticed it was hard for me to walk. I just brushed it off thinking it would go away in a few hours since I had just given birth to my biggest child.

When my doctor came to check on me I mentioned to him that I couldnt walk, he told me take 800 mg of motrin and rest. He was going to let me stay at the hospital until the pain had subsided. Two days later I was released from the hospital but was still in pain and I could not walk.

I was shuffling my feet in order to walk. I had to have my husband help me out of the car. (I had a step stool to climb in and out of the car), I couldnt even drive(the pushing of the pedal put me in a lot of pain) I couldnt lift my legs to step up on the stairs, I couldnt even sleep in my own bed(the bed was too low and too soft) so I ended up sleeping on the couch but could not sleep on either side. I had to keep my whole body in line with everything.

I ended up going to see the doctor again to get to the bottom of this. The doctor I saw told me I have Pubis Symphsis Dysfunction. Basically, I had separated my pelvis area. The doctor told me it will heal by itself, take Motrin and/or Vicodin for the pain and be on bed rest. it could take up to 6 weeks for it to heal. When we left the doctors office,

I told my husband, she's got to be kidding me, I cant be on bed rest for 6 weeks, I have 4 children to take care of. My husband doesn't have time to take care of all of us until I feel better. I told my husband to take me to Dr. Hansen's office.

When Dr. Hansen saw me I was in tears. I told him that I can't walk. When he did the first bio cranial on me I could feel my pelvis coming together and all the pain and strain was getting released. When I first got off the table, I started to walk. I mean walking!!!!

I felt great! My husband couldn't believe his eyes seeing me walking up and down the hall like nothing was wrong with me. My second visit, I told Dr. Hansen it was hard for me to lift my leg up. He asked me to lift my legs up one at a time while standing up, I could barely lift them one inch off of the floor and he asked me to do the same thing while laying on the table. I barely lifted them 3 inches off of the table.

After the biocranial I could be in a marching band. I was able to lift my legs up high to my knee and above my head. My husband was in awe. Once again he could not believe his eyes.

It took only 3 biocranial adjustments to make me feel like my old self again and I also notice all of my swelling in my legs and hands from pregnancy had gone away.

Thank you, Dr. Hansen for taking good care of me.