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Chiropractic Elk Grove
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Chiropractic Elk Grove

Chiropractic and Autism

Written by: Mo
Zip Code: 95624
Date: 2008-03-25 12:10:58
City: Elk Grove
Job: Mother
Reason: Car Accident

March 19, 2008 I would like to share my heartfelt testimony regarding Dr. Hansen and my autistic son, Derek.

When Derek was two years old, I had just begun adjustments with Dr. Hansen after a car accident. I brought Derek with me to each appointment and every visit, Derek would crawl underneath the adjustment table and hide. He was very fearful because he had been through a lot with doctors.

Dr. Hansen recognized that something wasn’t right and asked me about Derek. I told him that Derek had just been diagnosed with Autism and we were just starting down that long road. Derek was considered “high-functioning”, but had no language, wasn’t potty trained, rarely made eye contact, and mostly was in his own little world. Dr. Hansen told me he believed he could help Derek. I was very skeptical. After all, he was just a little boy.

I didn’t know how I felt about him being adjusted, and everyone told me I needed to accept that Derek would never be normal. Dr. H told me that a study had been done in the past where they pinpointed misaligned vertebrae just below the brain stem in quite a few autistic kids.

I went home and prayed about it, and decided to let Dr. Hansen give it a try. Dr. Hansen began with a simple “tick-tock” sound as he moved Derek’s head gently side to side. Derek was mesmerized with this and actually laid still with a smile while he was adjusted! Incredible! I brought Derek in two or three times a week.

On the third week, Derek jumped up off the table after an adjustment, ran right up to me with a smile, and looked directly into my eyes and didn’t look away! It was like seeing into my son’s soul for the first time! I just stood there and cried.

Since that day, Derek has made nothing but progress. He has never been medicated and now plays varsity football and track at Pleasant Grove High School.

There have been many things that have contributed to Derek’s growth and success, but Dr. Hansen’s wise counsel and adjustments were the catalyst that I believed allowed Derek’s brain to begin healing. T

hank you Dr. H!