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Detoxify Your Home with Natural Alternatives

August 10th, 2011 . by admin




Most people understand that pollution, smoke, sewage and spoiled foods are toxic.  However, the majority of our society continues to use some of the most toxic and carcinogenic substances within their own home every day.  The current hand and dishwashing behaviors of most modern Americans are highly dangerous.  Detoxify your home and body today with natural alternatives. 


 One of the most popular household items is anti-bacterial soap.  These soaps most often contain Triclosan, which is a synthetic, broad spectrum antimicrobial agent.  This same agent is now added to toothpaste, deodorant, plastics, cosmetics, & lotions among other things.  This synthetic antimicrobial destroys both good and bad bacteria and due to its overuse has now created resistant strains of bacteria.  Using this reduces natural immunity, which is provided in part by healthy strains of bacteria and promotes very resistant pathogenic strains to colonize and multiply. 


 Several studies have shown that triclosan acts as a xenoestrogen or artificial estrogen mimicker.  This increases artificial estrogens in the body and disrupts normal steroid hormone balance that is critical to healthy function.  It is also known to disrupt thyroid function, accelerate aging and depress the central nervous system.


 Mixing anti-bacterial soaps with chlorinated tap water makes a deadly combination that forms the molecule chloroform.  Chloroform is a potent carcinogen that is naturally formed in chlorinated water.  Chlorinated water mixed with anti-bacterial soaps forms significantly more chloroform.  This happens most frequently in the dishwasher and shower where the water and soap combine under high pressure.


 Opening the dishwasher during or directly after the drying cycle is one of the most hazardous things people do every day.  This action releases massive amounts of chloroform gas that immediately travels into the respiratory pathways and damages the protective microflora and causes significant oxidative stress to the region.  Chloroform has been shown to aggravate respiratory health problems such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies & accelerating tumor growth.     


 According to the EPA, “Every home in America has an elevated level of chloroform gas due to the vaporization of chlorine…from tap and shower water.”


 The Solution:  Use a non-chlorinated detergent in the dishwasher. Leave the dishwasher door closed until the dishes are dry.  If possible, avoid the dry cycle and allow the dishes to air dry.  If you have to open the dishwasher immediately after the wash cycle, try and avoid breathing the steam as it comes out of the unit. Turning on the kitchen fan and opening windows also helps steam to travel out of your breathing zone.


Drink water after it has undergone filtration to remove chlorine, disinfectant byproducts, pesticides, Rx drug residue and other toxins.  Strong carbon filtration works okay.  Reverse osmosis is a great system to utilize due to its ability to get nearly all of these major toxins out of the water.  On the downside it utilizes heavy amounts of water and strips minerals from the water.  Some manufacturers are using colloidal silver to effectively disinfect the water and coral sand to boost the pH.  They then add anti-oxidants using zeolite and essential minerals using jade to restore valuable calcium and magnesium in the proper ratios.  This is highly recommended if available to you.

It is necessary to get rid of the anti-bacterial soaps, sprays, lotions & potions in your home and office.  Use natural citrus based cleaners or use 3% hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.  Simply have a spray mist bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and another with white vinegar.  Spray both (the order does not matter) on a surface and wipe clean.  Research done at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University found that this method killed virtually all Salmonella, Shigella, and E Coli on heavy contaminated food and surfaces.  The mixture was 10x more effective when used together (one directly after the other) than used alone. 

This spray was far more potent than anti-bacterial soaps and chlorine bleach in eliminating these pathogenic bacterial strains.  The mixture was 10x more effective when used together (one directly after the other) than used alone. 

Attended Nutritional Seminar- Chicago

April 23rd, 2008 . by Joanne

We cant wait to get started, we just recently came back from a intensive, informative nutritional seminar given by Maximized Living. We learned how to detoxify heavy metal toxins, biotoxins, environmental toxins, we also learned what these toxins are caused from and how to effectively use testing to determine what each person needs to detoxify their body through a healing diet and vitamins to achieve an optimal healthy life.