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6 Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

October 25th, 2011 . by admin
Almost 18% ‘usually conceal their teeth in photos’. Having great teeth is very important in our culture today. Do you have yellow or discolored teeth? The sad truth is some people no matter how many times they brush their teeth have stained teeth from drinking coffee, tea, and or smoking. First impressions matter in this world and having teeth that look like you don’t brush can and will send a signal that you don’t really care about yourself.  Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile with white sparkling teeth?

1. Brush After Drinking or Eating

The best way, but not always the easiest is to simply brush your teeth after eating or drinking something. This takes a lot of persistence and can even be kind of difficult depending on where you are at the time. Most food does not stain teeth, but if you are a coffee drinker or if you smoke, you can pretty much count on having discolored teeth from staining. If this is the case then having your teeth cleaned every three months may be in order, besides trying some of the natural remedies listed here.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

This works great as a natural teeth whitener. Many people confirm to the fact that it does make their teeth look whiter. Mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of baking soda to make a paste. Brush your teeth as usual, making sure you brush those back teeth too. Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent and works great as a total mouth and gum cleaner and keeps the mouth free of germs.

Baking soda is a gritty substance like sandpaper so be careful that you have enough hydrogen peroxide mixed in with the soda because if you don’t it can very well scrub the enamel right off your teeth and enamel does not grow back. The paste should not be gritty at all, and in fact it should be a runnier paste than a stiff paste.

3. Olive Oil

Can it be true? Olive oil to clean your teeth? Just when you thought you heard it all, along comes olive oil to the rescue as a teeth whitener. Some people are attesting to their teeth becoming whiter by applying olive oil to their teeth after they brush.  There are two ways you can apply it. Add a few drops to your tooth brush and simple brush it on, or add the olive oil to a corner of a clean wash cloth and rub it on. It can’t hurt to try this natural whitening tip. Olive oil is good for you!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

It makes sense that apple cider vinegar would eventually remove stubborn stains on the teeth, especially from coffee and nicotine. It has been proven that it does work but you have to be consistent and it takes a least a month of continuous usage to see results. Some say that using ACV looks like you just got your teeth professionally cleansed.  Be careful, as with all acids, it can remove the enamel on your teeth as well. After brushing with ACV, you will need to brush again with regular toothpaste, preferably a non fluoride paste, or rinse your mouth out really well.

5. Lemon or Orange Peels

There have been reports that lemon and or orange peels will also do the trick of whitening your teeth. Guess you don’t know until you try.  Here again, these food products are very healthy and good for your stomach but the acid content might eventually wear away the enamel on the teeth. So if you use lemon or orange peel always rinse afterwards to be on the safe side. A good oral mouth rinse is hydrogen peroxide because it keeps breath fresh by eliminating bad breath and also is a very good bacterial agent. Use half water and half hydrogen peroxide, swish around in your mouth and leave in for at least a full minute.

6. Strawberries

It has been said that Catherine Zeta Jones whitens her teeth with strawberries. Who would have thought? Tyra Banks tried this teeth whitening trick on her show. She simply mashed up about four or five strawberries and rubbed this yummy mixture all over her teeth. Tyra Banks teeth are already really white from having them bleached so you couldn’t really tell any difference. Some people say this really does work, and if Catherine Zeta Jones rubs her teeth with strawberries, it must be worth giving it a try.  Some people say this works right away. Rinse well afterwards.

Some Natural Whiteners Can Eradicate Enamel

Some teeth whiteners are just not a good idea to use, especially lemon juice.  The acid in the lemon juice does great for bleaching clothes, hair, and getting stains out of furniture, but you wouldn’t want to put lemon juice on your teeth every single day. Eventually the acid creates tiny holes in your teeth and then every kind of staining type food will seep into these tiny holes and remain there. The acid from the lemons is so strong it just eventually wears away the teeth causing cavities.

Can Teeth Whitening Harm Teeth?

Apparently many people are going for the gusto to have whiter teeth and are turning it into an addiction. Here’s what one dentist had to say about teeth whitening strips. “There are people who can never get enough,” says New York City dentist Dr. Irwin Smigel, president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. “I’ve had situations where people have needed root canals because they’ve overbleached, where tissues were damaged. You can wear away some of the enamel and your teeth will become translucent and unnatural. They’ll become blue or blue gray.”

Research has shown that teeth whitening products can damage the teeth by removing the enamel. Constant application of whitening strips have been shown to cause erosion of enamel over time and results in tooth sensitivity, especially  with eating hot and cold liquids and foods.

Bottom line is whitening strips should be used in moderation. Teeth bleaching products should only be used under the guidance of your dentist. The best way to whiten teeth is by feeding your body lots of healthy foods for strong bones, teeth and gums and omitting coffee, tea and sugary foods in your diet. If you smoke, stop smoking. And brush and floss your teeth every day!


God’s Natural AntiBiotics

September 19th, 2011 . by admin


Immune boost  


Every fall as the weather changes, the skies darken and the temperature drops people begin to get sick. The doctors’ offices are packed and the line at the pharmacy is backed up out of the store. Much of our society has been convinced that they are genetically deficient and prone to illness and their only true solution is in man-made drugs and other synthetically derived products.   This flies in the face of natural creation and thousands of years of human survival adaptations.

We were born into this world with everything we need to live strong, healthy, and vibrantly alive. God created powerful remedies for stressful seasons in natural foods and herbs that destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Old Chinese philosophy suggests looking over your shoulder for what ails you. For instance, you find artemisinin, which is a cure for malaria, in plants where malaria is common. In the same context, we will find support for our common health crisis within our body itself and the herbs and plants around us.  

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, always turned first to general nutrition and care of the human frame before reverting to hand-crafted remedies. However, in times of duress he went after natural superfoods to bring balance back to the body. Three of Hippocrates favorite tools to use in times of acute infections, colds, fevers, & flu are garlic, vinegar, and oregano oil. Used for thousands of years these and many other naturally produced products have worked wonders on even the most devastating forms of infection and disease.

Garlic is one of nature’s most powerful immune boosting secrets. Garlic contains over 100 biologically active components including alliin, allicin, alliinase and unique sulfur compounds. When garlic is crushed or chewed it forces the allin and allinase enzyme together and causes a chemical reaction to produce allicin. Allicin along with sulfur based compounds act as powerful antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agents that have an incredible immune stimulating effect. Additionally, garlic is also used to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and help prevent/reverse cancer.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a fantastic natural anti-biotic. ACV contains acetic and malic acid which destroy bacteria and fungus on contact. The acetic acid also forms acetate compounds in the body that help detoxify the system. Additionally, ACV contains a rich array of alkaline buffering minerals potassium and magnesium. Pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi secrete highly acidic and inflammatory waste products. ACV provides a good source of these critical minerals to help neutralize such waste products and limit their damage inside the body.    

Oregano Oil is an extraordinarily powerful natural anti-biotic. In fact, oregano has been found in a recent study to be significantly better than all of the 18 currently used anti-biotics in the treatment of MRSA staph infections. This super herb is very rich in anti-oxidant phytochemical flavonoids and phenolic acids. It is the third highest herb in oxygen radical

What Do I Eat When Eating Out

September 15th, 2011 . by admin

Posted By Dr. Axe On September 15, 2011 @ 1:00 am In Nutrition | 6 Comments

[1]According the Huffington Post 1 out of 6 diners eating out in restaurants do not pay attention to the nutritional information posted on the menus.  Hunger pangs distract us from choosing our foods carefully. And as most of us know eating the wrong foods can make us feel tired and groggy afterwards. Most of the time we are in a hurry when we eat out, or we happen to be stuck in a restaurant that we’d rather not eat in just because we’re with a friend or a client.

Choosing Healthier Options No Matter Where You Happen to Be

Following my healthier recommendations when eating out we don’t have to feel guilty anymore about what we eat. Here’s my guide for eating out in different types of restaurants. We’ll go over the best options for nutrition, healthier food shortcuts, and cutting back on calories while eating out. Plus, healthy gluten-free snacks to bring with you when you are away from home.

My first stop takes us to the typical burger joint. The aroma of burgers grilling and french fries being deep fried is hard to resist but eating a burger and fries is some of the worse foods you can put into your body. Unfortunately you’re stuck in this burger place for lunch so here is what you need to do. Resist the temptation and order something that is not going to give you empty calories.  Did you know a typical hamburger with fries and a coke has a whopping 780 calories and ZERO nutritional value?

What to eat at a burger joint

  • Grilled (not deep fired) chicken salad with oil and vinegar
  • Grilled fish with tomato slices
  • Veggie patty (skip the bun and see what you can supplement for the wheat bun at the end of this article)

What not to eat at a burger joint

  • Say no to the condiments
  • Drink water instead of soda
  • leave out the fries
  • Omit the bun
  • Do not eat deep fried foods of any kind
  • Skip the shake

The next stop on my passage to health takes us straight to a Chinese restaurant. Most of us think f-a-t-t-e-n-i-n-g when it comes to eating in a Chinese restaurant but actually, if you choose your foods wisely, Chinese stir-fries can be your healthiest choice as far as eating out is concerned. This is assuming, of course, there is no monosodium glutamate (MSG) added to the food.

What to eat in a Chinese Restaurant

  • Brown rice or brown rice noodles
  • Stir fried chicken or fish with vegetables
  • Sautéed vegetables with brown rice or brown rice noodles

What not to eat in a Chinese Restaurant

  • All of the deep fried food, which includes spring rolls
  • White rice
  • Stir fries in sweet and sour sauces

Next up on our healthy eating out voyage we land in a Mexican Restaurant. Does eating Mexican food always mean fattening and unhealthy? No! Let’s take a look at what his gluten free recommendations are when eating out Mexican style. Good choices are grilled chicken or beef fajitas with corn flour tortillas or corn flour chip nachos with black beans or refried pinto beans.

What to eat in a Mexican Restaurant

  • Pinto beans or black beans
  • Corn chips or corn tortillas
  • Grilled chicken, fish or beef
  • Sautéed vegetables
  • Guacamole and or avocado slices
  • Brown rice
  • Salsa

What not to eat in a Mexican Restaurant

  • White flour tortilla, tostadas and chips
  • Greasy meat dishes
  • White rice
  • Meat based gravies and or sauces

Salad buffet, come and get it! When most people think salad they think healthy choice, right? But sometimes, depending on what we put on our bed of lettuce it can be anything but healthy. Some salads are just as unhealthy as a fast food burger. So what do I suggest we eat and avoid at the salad bar?

What to eat at a salad bar

  • Green leafy lettuce (the greener the better)
  • Raw vegetables of any kind
  • Boiled egg
  • Raw sunflower seeds or other raw nuts
  • Grilled chicken or fish
  • Cheese (not too much)
  • Oil (extra virgin olive oil) and vinegar (don’t feel bad about over indulging on the extra virgin olive oil)

What to avoid at the salad bar

  • Salami type sliced meats
  • Deep fried chicken and other meats
  • Salted, roasted sunflower seeds and other nuts
  • Croutons
  • Dressings made with sugar and mayo (this is where a lot of the calories are)
  • Bacon bits


Packing Your Own Foods to Eat

Now that we know some of the healthier options when eating out, let’s think about what we can bring with us to supplement some of those not so healthy food choices with healthier foods and snacks. I recommend bringing these foods and healthy snacks from home. You can even bring them with you when you eat out.

Olive oil and vinegar dressing: Some restaurants do not have olive oil and vinegar dressing. It’s easy to make your own right at home and put in a small herb jar and carry along with you.  Surprisingly oil and vinegar is not just good on salads, it also makes those boring veggie sandwiches come alive and gives burgers a much-needed kick.  Who needs mayo and ketchup?

Mary’s Gone Crackers: Mary’s Gone Crackers are probably one of the best and easiest snacks to bring from home with you. Instead of eating the wheat buns, or white rice you can eat three or four of these crackers with your salad, or burger, or veggie or chicken stir-fry and leave the table feeling satisfied and you will still have available energy for the rest of the day.

Hummus spread: Hummus on Mary’s Gone Crackers is an excellent snack for in between meals when you don’t have time to eat out or don’t want to eat out. The different varieties you can choose from with these crackers are amazing. Hummus is full of protein and is a good energy snack.

Dried Fruit and nut mix: When creating a fruit and nut mix be sure to use raw nuts of different varieties, such as almonds, walnuts, pecans as well as dried raisins, dates, figs, and prunes that do not have added sugar. It’s healthier to prepare your own fruit and nut mix. Most mixes you buy from the store have lot of added ingredients that are unhealthy.

Raw Veggies: Snacking on fresh veggies is an excellent alternative to chips and fries. If you are eating out raw veggies as a side dish to grilled chicken or fish, or with a veggie or patty compliments the meal really well. Vegetables you can prepare and bring right along with you are carrot and celery sticks, broccoli or cauliflower, cucumber slices, and even a whole tomato with a paring knife. Slice it up right before you are going to use it. Drizzle some of your home prepared olive oil and vinegar and you are set to go.

Are you one of the 1 out of the 6 restaurant diners that pays attention to the nutritional information on the menu? Do you make healthier choices about what you eat when you eat out? If not, I hope these easy health food tips for eating out will help you make your next dining experience a healthier one. Remember: if you eat out frequently it is imperative to your health to choose what you are going to eat wisely.

A handful of walnuts each day significantly lowers breast cancer risk

September 9th, 2011 . by admin

by John Phillip
(NaturalNews) Researchers from Marshall University in West Virginia report in the journal Nutrition and Cancer that small amounts of walnuts eaten daily can significantly lower the risk of breast cancer in women. Walnuts are a naturally great tasting source of healthy Omega-3 fats, minerals, vitamins and protein that have long been associated with good health. Interestingly, it is not only the potent dose of Omega-3 fats that are responsible for the risk reduction, but also a synergistic effect between multiple nutrients provided by the nut. Scientists now confirm that eating two ounces of this super food each day can significantly lower your risk of developing this insidious killer disease.

The study was conducted using mice that are genetically predisposed to develop breast cancer tumors. Lead researcher, Dr. Elaine Hardman set out to determine the effect of a typical diet and a walnut-enhanced diet through an entire lifespan. Scientists examined dietary nutrition supplied by the mother through conception and weaning and then by eating walnuts directly. Mice are frequently used for this type of research because they follow similar patterns of breast cancer carcinogenesis when compared to humans.

Dr. Hardman found that the group whose diet included walnuts from conception to late life developed breast cancer at less than half the rate of the group consuming a typical diet. In addition, the number of tumors and their sizes were significantly smaller. Of the results, she commented: “These reductions are particularly important when you consider that the mice were genetically programmed to develop cancer at a high rate… we were able to reduce the risk for cancer even in the presence of a preexisting genetic mutation.”

Researchers noted that they were unable to determine if the cancer prevention benefits were the result of deletions or additions to the diet. Adding healthy Omega fats from walnuts displaced unhealthy fats and balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratios to lower systemic inflammation and oxidized LDL cholesterol levels that result in cancer development. Other studies including walnuts have shown that there are multiple health benefits achieved from the unique blend of fats, vitamins (especially vitamin E) and minerals in the flavorful nut.

The result of this study continues to add to the wealth of scientific evidence that natural nutrients provided by an array of ’super foods’ significantly contribute to our health. Dr. Hardman concluded: “Food is important medicine in our diet… the results of this study indicate that increased consumption of walnuts could be part of a healthy diet and reduce risk for cancer in future generations.” It’s easy to add two ounces of walnuts (about 14 halves) to your daily diet to prevent breast cancer and a host of other chronic diseases.

[Editor's Note: NaturalNews is strongly against the use of all forms of animal testing. We fully support implementation of humane medical experimentation that promotes the health and wellbeing of all living creatures.]

Article References:…………

Energy saving bulbs ‘release cancer causing chemicals’, say scientists

August 30th, 2011 . by admin

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:07 PM on 20th April 2011


New fears: Cancer causing chemicals are released by energy-saving bulbs when they are switched on, scientists said

New fears: Cancer causing chemicals are released by energy-saving bulbs when they are switched on, scientists said

Energy saving bulbs emit cancer causing chemicals it was claimed last night as new fears were raised about their safety.

Scientists said they should not be left on for long periods of time or placed close to a person’s head because they release poisonous materials.

The EU has unveiled plans to phase out ‘normal’ incandescent bulbs by the end of next year as they try to cut carbon emissions.

They should not be used by adults to read or kept near a child’s head all night, the experts said.

While it is already known that harmful amounts of Mercury are released if one of the new ‘green’ bulbs is broken, the latest research shows other carcinogenic chemicals are emitted when they are switched on.

The German research shows that the chemicals are released as a form of steam.

The harmful substances include phenol - a poison injected by the Nazis to kill thousands of concentration camp victims during World War II - and the human toxins naphthalene and styrene.

Tests showed that the materials used to make the lamps are probably responsible for their potentially harmful side effects.

Andreas Kirchner, from the Federation of German Engineers, said: ‘Electrical smog develops around these lamps.  I therefore use them only very economically.  They should not be used in unventilated areas and definitely not in the proximity of the head.’



‘They should not be used in unventilated areas and definitely not in the proximity of the head.’

The report on German television forced the country’s environmental protection agency to issue a warning against ‘public hysteria.’

The Department for the Environment has insisted that the bulbs are safe.

Dr Michelle Bloor, lecturer in Environmental Science at Portsmouth University, told the Daily Express: ‘Further independent studies would need to be undertaken to back up the presented German research.’


Detoxify Your Home with Natural Alternatives

August 10th, 2011 . by admin




Most people understand that pollution, smoke, sewage and spoiled foods are toxic.  However, the majority of our society continues to use some of the most toxic and carcinogenic substances within their own home every day.  The current hand and dishwashing behaviors of most modern Americans are highly dangerous.  Detoxify your home and body today with natural alternatives. 


 One of the most popular household items is anti-bacterial soap.  These soaps most often contain Triclosan, which is a synthetic, broad spectrum antimicrobial agent.  This same agent is now added to toothpaste, deodorant, plastics, cosmetics, & lotions among other things.  This synthetic antimicrobial destroys both good and bad bacteria and due to its overuse has now created resistant strains of bacteria.  Using this reduces natural immunity, which is provided in part by healthy strains of bacteria and promotes very resistant pathogenic strains to colonize and multiply. 


 Several studies have shown that triclosan acts as a xenoestrogen or artificial estrogen mimicker.  This increases artificial estrogens in the body and disrupts normal steroid hormone balance that is critical to healthy function.  It is also known to disrupt thyroid function, accelerate aging and depress the central nervous system.


 Mixing anti-bacterial soaps with chlorinated tap water makes a deadly combination that forms the molecule chloroform.  Chloroform is a potent carcinogen that is naturally formed in chlorinated water.  Chlorinated water mixed with anti-bacterial soaps forms significantly more chloroform.  This happens most frequently in the dishwasher and shower where the water and soap combine under high pressure.


 Opening the dishwasher during or directly after the drying cycle is one of the most hazardous things people do every day.  This action releases massive amounts of chloroform gas that immediately travels into the respiratory pathways and damages the protective microflora and causes significant oxidative stress to the region.  Chloroform has been shown to aggravate respiratory health problems such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies & accelerating tumor growth.     


 According to the EPA, “Every home in America has an elevated level of chloroform gas due to the vaporization of chlorine…from tap and shower water.”


 The Solution:  Use a non-chlorinated detergent in the dishwasher. Leave the dishwasher door closed until the dishes are dry.  If possible, avoid the dry cycle and allow the dishes to air dry.  If you have to open the dishwasher immediately after the wash cycle, try and avoid breathing the steam as it comes out of the unit. Turning on the kitchen fan and opening windows also helps steam to travel out of your breathing zone.


Drink water after it has undergone filtration to remove chlorine, disinfectant byproducts, pesticides, Rx drug residue and other toxins.  Strong carbon filtration works okay.  Reverse osmosis is a great system to utilize due to its ability to get nearly all of these major toxins out of the water.  On the downside it utilizes heavy amounts of water and strips minerals from the water.  Some manufacturers are using colloidal silver to effectively disinfect the water and coral sand to boost the pH.  They then add anti-oxidants using zeolite and essential minerals using jade to restore valuable calcium and magnesium in the proper ratios.  This is highly recommended if available to you.

It is necessary to get rid of the anti-bacterial soaps, sprays, lotions & potions in your home and office.  Use natural citrus based cleaners or use 3% hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.  Simply have a spray mist bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and another with white vinegar.  Spray both (the order does not matter) on a surface and wipe clean.  Research done at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University found that this method killed virtually all Salmonella, Shigella, and E Coli on heavy contaminated food and surfaces.  The mixture was 10x more effective when used together (one directly after the other) than used alone. 

This spray was far more potent than anti-bacterial soaps and chlorine bleach in eliminating these pathogenic bacterial strains.  The mixture was 10x more effective when used together (one directly after the other) than used alone. 

Anti-Depressants Double The Risk Of Another Bout Of Depression

July 22nd, 2011 . by admin

People who take an anti-depressant are far more likely to suffer a recurring bout of depression than someone who decides on a non-drug approach.

Taking a drug almost doubles your risk of suffering a relapse, say researchers from McMaster University, after studying a range of studies that monitored the effectiveness of anti-depressants and placebos, or sugar pills, on groups of patients with major depression.

Overall, depressed people who took no drugs or were given a placebo were 25 per cent likely to suffer a further episode in the future, whereas those who took an anti-depressant were 42 per cent more likely.

The researchers believe the drugs interfere with the brain’s self-regulatory processes in coping with depression, and that it over compensates when the drug treatment stops, triggering another depressive episode.

Depression may be a natural and beneficial process as the brain works to cope with stress or loss, the researchers conclude.

(Source: Frontiers in Psychology, 2011; 2; doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2011.00159)

Raw Milk Rights

July 18th, 2011 . by admin
Amish farmer Dan Allgyer is not backing down. He’s staying and fighting the charges on which he was arrested – selling raw milk. Now represented by lawyer Jonathan Emord, the case will go up against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.)

In 1987 the government banned the sales of raw milk under the premise of health concerns. However many people don’t think health concerns are the real story for the ban. Many, including Representative Ron Paul, believe the real reason has much more to do with economics than concern for the health of the public.

Ron Paul has initiated legislation that would end the ban of raw milk sales. The sales were banned in 1987 but the enforcement in the form of raids and sting operations for busting farmers selling raw milk didn’t begin until 2006.

Paul believes that Americans have the basic right to choose what we eat and drink. He contends that if we are unable to choose these basic needs for ourselves than our freedom is being compromised. Paul is not alone in his beliefs.

In fact, on May 17, 2011, 450 protestors gathered in Washington D.C. to show their support of raw milk sales and the farmers that produce and sell the raw milk.  In a crowd with many mothers and children, there was also Morgan the cow, trailed in from Maryland feeding the crowd their coveted raw milk.

Proponents of raw milk argue that the health benefits far outweigh any risks. They go on to say that the laws are old and based on science that is forty years out of date.

Health Benefits of Raw Milk

There are many health benefits of raw milk. Some of them stem from what the milk doesn’t have in it. Raw milk from pasture fed cows is devoid of toxins, hormones, antibiotics and many of the other unhealthy chemicals added to the diets (and thus found in the milk) of mainstream cows. These are the cows that are used by big business and forced to overproduce milk.

Many of the health benefits of raw milk come from the high nutritional content of this milk. Raw milk is rich in the following life giving nutrients:

  • Protein
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals
  • Good bacteria
  • Vitamins
  • Good fat
  • CLA
  • Cholesterol
  • Carbohydrate

It’s also been found that countries with the highest milk consumption also have the higher rates of osteoporosis. This is the consumption of processed, pasteurized, and homogenized milk.  Milk, once processed, becomes acidic and leads to leaching of alkaline in the body if the balance becomes off.

Whether or not you want to drink raw milk or believe in the health benefits as do many others is not the real issue. The point here is that the government should not be the ones to decide which foods you can select from to eat.

The government is protecting big business, again, at the expense of the consumer. If you want the choice of what you eat, stand up for the rights of raw milk producers and drinkers everywhere and ask for the ban of raw milk to be lifted.

The government is spending many dollars in tax payer’s money to bust these raw milk ‘dealers.’  As in the case of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer who was investigated and raided at gunpoint on his farm for selling raw milk. Is this where you want your tax dollars to go?

Learn more about Raw Milk and its benefits here


Ex pharma sales rep Gwen Olsen says Big Pharma only interested in profits, not health

July 12th, 2011 . by admin

by Christina Luisa

(NaturalNews) Gwen Olsen, an ex-pharmaceutical sales representative, is using her personal experience and insider knowledge to turn the tables on Big Pharma and tell people the disturbing and disheartening truth about the highly corrupt industry: it’s only after the money, not the health of its patients. Gwen, a 2007 Human Rights Award recipient, is a dedicated mental health activist, public speaker, and writer committed to child and mental health advocacy; her specialties include promoting the cessation of America’s over medication of its children and teens. It’s hard to imagine that this same woman was once a successful pharmaceutical sales rep for more than 15 years, working for many of the industry’s big name manufacturers. “We (were) being trained to misinform people,” said Gwen.

Now on a personal, passionate quest to wake up as many people as possible to the deception of the pharmaceutical industry, Gwen’s research emphasizes her concerns about the increasingly prevalent use of prescription drugs and the deadly effects that these drugs can have. “There is no such thing as a safe drug,” said Gwen in a video interview (…).

Gwen’s astounding admissions in another video interview on Natural News (…) dispels the myth that Big Pharma is in the business of healing or helping cure disease — instead, the industry is out to regulate illness, manage symptoms, and keep people trapped in a lethal cycle of chemical dependency, says Gwen.

In the video, Gwen explains that drugs — psychiatric drugs in particular — are meant to encourage people to remain customers of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, if Big Pharma intended to help cure disease, they would be putting themselves out of business.

“I don’t want people thinking that I am a conspiracy theorist, because in fact, there is no theory behind what I’m telling you, it’s all provable… what I’m saying is provable is, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to cure people,” said Gwen in the video.

The confessions of a Pharma veteran

The Rx Reformer recently released a book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher(…), which provides considerable insider knowledge of the serious dangers that lie within the game of the pharmaceutical industry and the disinformation that has jeopardized lives. Her book presents many admissions, some deeply personal, of what she discovered and observed throughout her career with Big Pharma, during which she was encouraged to minimize the side effects of the drugs she was selling when speaking to doctors.

Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher is a strikingly candid and much-needed wake-up call about the flawed U.S. health care system, which is — with good reason — currently ranked last among 19 industrialized nations worldwide. You can read more about the book on Gwen’s site:

As Gwen’s book reveals to readers, more than 180,000 people die annually from the effects of legal drugs. “By the time a drug is approved and it hits the general population, we don’t even know 50% of the side effects involved,” said Gwen. In the same interview, Gwen explains that there is no medical evidence required for psychiatrists who wish to prescribe their patients drugs. This broadens the potential patient population considerably, allowing Big Pharma a lucrative advantage over an increasingly diseased and medicated public.

How the Rx Reformer came into existence

Gwen’s self-proclaimed calling as the “Rx Reformer” evolved not only from extensive personal experiences obtained during the years she spent working for major drug companies, but a shocking event that occurred within her own family.

The health of Gwen’s niece, Megan Blanchard, a bright pre-med student, quickly deteriorated through the onset of drug-induced addiction, withdrawal, mental illness, and depression. This painful suffering resulted in Meg’s unfortunate and tragic suicide, and Gwen quickly realized that her niece was not the first to painfully suffer from the consequences of doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals, nor would she be the last. In her book, Gwen writes: “Compassion is what Meg really needed, not more drugs.”

“There are thousands and thousands of people like that out there — and they need a voice,” said Gwen. “I serve as that voice.”

Gwen’s disillusionment with the industry — her anger at the immense deceit and misinformation she witnessed taking place within the profitable alliance between medical doctors and Big Pharma — led her to get out of pharmaceutical sales and pursue a new vocation: spreading truth.

“I had been used in the game, I literally was the one at the front lines, harming people — unintentionally — but I was responsible, and I carry a burden for that now,” said Gwen.

Gwen has now made it her moral obligation, or what she has labeled her “spiritual calling,” to educate others on what she learned the hard way about the abundance of harmful drugs being given to a credulous population.

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Chlorinated Pools May Increase Cancer Risk

July 8th, 2011 . by admin

A new collection of studies show a rise in blood markers associated with cancer in swimmers using chlorinated pools.

By Emily Sohn | Sun Sep 12, 2010 06:00 PM ET

Swimming in a chlorinated pool may increase your risk of developing cancer, suggest a new suite of studies, which identified more than 100 chemical byproducts in pools that use chlorine as a disinfectant.

The work is too preliminary to suggest that people should stop swimming, said Manolis Kogevinas, an epidemiologist at the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona. The studies were small, and they found a rise in blood markers that have been associated with cancer — not a rise in cancer itself.

Still, Kogevinas said, the findings suggest that people need to work harder to reduce everyone’s exposure to chlorine.

“People should not be afraid of swimming, but we should get more research on whether there are better practices for disinfecting pools,” Kogevinas said. “It’s all a matter of costs and benefits.”

Chlorine is really good at killing microbes in swimming pools. Over the years, though, scientists have become concerned about its possible health effects. In water, chlorine reacts with sweat, urine, skin cells and other organic materials to produce all sorts of chemical byproducts. In animal studies, some of those chemicals have been linked with asthma and bladder cancer.

In a new study — one of three just published in Environmental Health Perspectives — chemists for the first time analyzed exactly what was in chlorinated water from a public swimming pool in Barcelona. They identified more than 100 chemical byproducts in the water. Many were toxic. Some had never been found in swimming pools or in chlorine-treated drinking water.

For the other two studies, 50 healthy adults swam laps for 40 minutes. The researchers measured levels of a number of substances in the blood, urine and breaths of the swimmers, both before they got in the pool and after they emerged. Each measurement looked at a marker, or sign of what was happening in the body.

The scientists expected to find some sign of respiratory distress. Previous studies have shown higher rates of asthma in lifeguards and competitive swimmers, as well as higher rates of eye, nose and throat irritation in pool workers.

Among a variety of markers for respiratory problems, though, the new work found that swimming led to a rise in just one. This marker showed an increase in how easy it is to penetrate the lining of the lungs. That’s a sign, scientists think, of inflammation and a higher risk for asthma allergic diseases.

The most striking results came from the part of the research that looked at markers for cancer. After 40 minutes of swimming, the study found, people showed a large rise in markers of DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Concentrations of four of the most common byproducts were seven times higher after people swam.

Chlorine’s chemical byproducts can get into our bodies through the skin. Exposure also comes from breathing air at the surface of the water, where chemicals become volatile. When exercisers swim hard, they breathe faster and end up with even more exposure.

It’s far too soon to conclude that these short-term changes lead to long-term health problems, said Alfred Bernard, a toxicologist at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, Belgium.

But he thinks there’s already enough reason to swim with caution. His own work suggest that chlorine byproducts are a major risk factor for rising rates of asthma, airway irritation and allergic diseases, especially during windows of sensitivity in babies and young children.

“We have good evidence that you have to be careful with these chemicals,” Bernard said. “Maybe chlorine is not the best choice for disinfecting swimming pools.”

Alternatives do exist. Some pools use ozone, copper and silver ions, or even moss to kill bacteria.

Even if pools continue to use chlorine, there are ways to reduce how much of it they use, Kogevinas said. Regular emptying and cleaning of the pool helps. So does introducing freshwater.

Swimmers can make a difference, too. By simply showering before they get in the pool, they wash off much of the organic material that reacts with chlorine to produce toxic byproducts. Swimming, Kogevinas added, is still healthier than not exercising.

Just choose your pools wisely, Bernard advised. If you go to a pool with a strong chlorine smell, and you see children with skin rashes or breathing problems, find somewhere else to go.

“Parents send their children to pools because they want to do something good for them,” Bernard said. “But we actually don’t know the long-term effects. It’s an irony if there is something bad in there.”

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