Amish farmer Dan Allgyer is not backing down. He’s staying and fighting the charges on which he was arrested – selling raw milk. Now represented by lawyer Jonathan Emord, the case will go up against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.)

In 1987 the government banned the sales of raw milk under the premise of health concerns. However many people don’t think health concerns are the real story for the ban. Many, including Representative Ron Paul, believe the real reason has much more to do with economics than concern for the health of the public.

Ron Paul has initiated legislation that would end the ban of raw milk sales. The sales were banned in 1987 but the enforcement in the form of raids and sting operations for busting farmers selling raw milk didn’t begin until 2006.

Paul believes that Americans have the basic right to choose what we eat and drink. He contends that if we are unable to choose these basic needs for ourselves than our freedom is being compromised. Paul is not alone in his beliefs.

In fact, on May 17, 2011, 450 protestors gathered in Washington D.C. to show their support of raw milk sales and the farmers that produce and sell the raw milk.  In a crowd with many mothers and children, there was also Morgan the cow, trailed in from Maryland feeding the crowd their coveted raw milk.

Proponents of raw milk argue that the health benefits far outweigh any risks. They go on to say that the laws are old and based on science that is forty years out of date.

Health Benefits of Raw Milk

There are many health benefits of raw milk. Some of them stem from what the milk doesn’t have in it. Raw milk from pasture fed cows is devoid of toxins, hormones, antibiotics and many of the other unhealthy chemicals added to the diets (and thus found in the milk) of mainstream cows. These are the cows that are used by big business and forced to overproduce milk.

Many of the health benefits of raw milk come from the high nutritional content of this milk. Raw milk is rich in the following life giving nutrients:

  • Protein
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals
  • Good bacteria
  • Vitamins
  • Good fat
  • CLA
  • Cholesterol
  • Carbohydrate

It’s also been found that countries with the highest milk consumption also have the higher rates of osteoporosis. This is the consumption of processed, pasteurized, and homogenized milk.  Milk, once processed, becomes acidic and leads to leaching of alkaline in the body if the balance becomes off.

Whether or not you want to drink raw milk or believe in the health benefits as do many others is not the real issue. The point here is that the government should not be the ones to decide which foods you can select from to eat.

The government is protecting big business, again, at the expense of the consumer. If you want the choice of what you eat, stand up for the rights of raw milk producers and drinkers everywhere and ask for the ban of raw milk to be lifted.

The government is spending many dollars in tax payer’s money to bust these raw milk ‘dealers.’  As in the case of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer who was investigated and raided at gunpoint on his farm for selling raw milk. Is this where you want your tax dollars to go?

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